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B Hears Shamanic Healing

Barbara  Pike - Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner

Shamanic energy medicine is used to support healing through the use of ancient tools and techniques that shamans have used for thousands of years.  These tools are used within an individual's energy field; where all of their physical, mental, emotional, mythical and spiritual history is found.  Within the energy field there exists certain elements known as imprints that can be activated by various triggers.  Imprints are areas where one is energetically vulnerable. When an imprint is activated it results in one going through repetitive experiences and cycles that are difficult to break out of.  These experiences come in the form of health, relationship, spiritual or emotional challenges, to name a few.  As a Shamanic Practitioner I first identify the core issue connected to the imprint.  Once pinpointed I work with the energy to remove the imprint and use other tools to replenish or recharge a persons energy.  This reestablishes harmony and balance to the energy field that enables true transformation and healing to occur.  My medicine bag includes extraction of intrusive energies and entities, soul retrieval, journey work, divination, administering of the great death rites, animal communication, Reiki and a variety of rituals and ceremonies to assist you on your path to healing and growth.

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What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is one of the oldest spiritual healing practices in the world.  Its roots can be found throughout history, all around the world.  It is a spiritual practice where common threads are found across diverse cultures. Some examples of these commonalities are the use of ritual, entering of altered states to receive insight from other realms, having close relationships with spirit allies, plants and animals, the use of movement, sound and breath work for healing, divination and even sorcery by some.  These practices have played an important role in many cultures during times of  hunting, planting, self-care and various life events.

The practice of shamanism allows one to see beyond the physical world; connect with spirits and ancestors in other dimensions and influence our reality to support change.  Shamanic healing can reestablish and maintain balance for specific parts of the earth and all life on it.  It can benefit people (individually or in groups), animals, bodies of water, land, houses and other structures; any situation in which balance, insight or healing on some level may be needed.  It has been said that shamans are stewards for the earth and all life on it; earth keepers. 

Shamans walk in both realms simultaneously; existing in the world as we know it and other dimensions at the same time.  There they tap into wisdom that is given to them by archetypal energies that take on forms such as an animal, plant, a voice or an ancestor.  They use this wisdom to diagnose and learn what steps need to be taken to support transformation. 

Although there are commonalities, Shamanic healing methods can differ greatly depending upon the culture, traditional lineage, amount of training and the number of years one has practiced.  A shaman never stops growing and learning new ways of being. 

Whatever traditions and methods used, shamanic practices have always supported individuals, families, communities, animals, plants and all forms of life here on earth and other realms.  Shamanism continues to be a powerful way to empower people and provide support for all life to this day.

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