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I am a Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner living in the southwestern United States.  I grew up in San Diego, California and currently reside in Arizona.  I have studied and trained under numerous mentors throughout the past 30 plus years.  I have been offering services since 2004 when I started working with animals as an Animal Communicator and Traditional Usui Reiki Master and Practitioner.  My work as an animal communicator led me to the shamanic path.  The animals that I worked with at that time led me to shamans and other teachers who helped me to tap into animal archetypes and other energy beings in other realms.  Much like with animals, I began accessing wisdom and insight from these sources to help others to heal and grow.

I am a graduate of the Four Winds Society’s Light Body School of Energy Medicine and the Energy Medicine Master's Circle, where I trained and am certified as an Advanced Master Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine as well as a Munay Ki mentor.  I have been initiated as a full Healing Mesa carrier and lineage Keeper in the Q’ero tradition.  I continue to learn and grow in my medicine every day and from every interaction I have with my clients. 

I am so thankful Barbara came into my life when I was  at a very low point both physically and emotionally.   I felt safe and comfortable with her and the techniques she presented to me. As I worked with her, I experienced profound changes. As time went on, I regained strength and stamina. She was very patient and very knowledgeable about her practice. I feel honored to have been working with her. 

Bonnie B.

I have known Barbara Pike almost three years. I can personally attest to her abilities as one of the finest Shamanic Practitioners and Animal Communicators I have met. She is also a Reiki Master which I have found enhances her skills as a healer. You will be in safe, honest, and compassionate hands having her work on you or your pets.  She definitely is my "to go" person when I need energy medicine.

JILL B., Ed.D.

I became a client of Barbara’s more that ten years ago when she was in San Diego, CA.  I was having lots of stress and anxiety induced by my family and job.  Our first sessions were Reiki and as a nurse, I knew that she would be able to assist me.  Barbara has a manner of comforting you that is out of this world! 

Through her shamanic healing techniques Barbara showed me practices that became a daily routine for me. These have allowed my problem-solving skills to evolve and I have honestly begun to notice a shift in my life.   I now understand how important it is to truly enjoy the beauty of life and let go of the things that are holding me back.  I have become more intuitive with my life choices.  Her work is truly inspirational and life changing. 

Michelle H.

Barbara did reading on my rescued 2 year old ShiPoo, Cooper. Cooper had been through emotional trauma and multiple placements. He has some aggression towards men especially. He has come so far in the year I've had him but was still having clear negative emotional reactions to certain situations. Barbara was in tuned and picked up on Cooper's sensitivity to his current groomer and not liking his paws touched. I had been thinking of changing groomers. She also explained Cooper had been through many homes for whatever reason and had spent much of his early life in a very confined space with no proper social development. Cooper used to get very stressed in the car wondering where he was going next. Barbara did a healing session on Cooper and reassured him that we were his forever family. She also gave me valuable recommendations to make him feel secure in his new home. After the reading I have noticed that Cooper has amazing eye contact with me and looks right into my eyes when I talk to him. He is acting more secure and expresses himself more. I think the improved eye contact was so amazing I actually feel like my dog is not afraid of me and we connect now! He is trusting me more. This after only one session really shows how amazing and open animals are to energy. He actually fell asleep during the session into a relaxed state. Barbara is excellent and has found her calling for sure. Thank you so much!

Annette I.

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