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Rites of Initiation

The rites discussed below are offered periodically, by me, throughout the year to small groups.  I also make them available on a one on one basis to clients that I am actively working with as they progress on their path.  I am fully trained and certified, by the medicine people who initiated me, to transmit and mentor you as you grow with this energy.  It is my hearts desire to transmit them as they were transmitted to me with humility and love.  If you are interested please contact me so that we can discuss further. 

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Rites of the Munay Ki

The Rites of the Munay-Ki are energetic codes that were originally transmitted to the shamans of Peru.   These rites enabled these medicine people to grow in their wisdom and power.  These energetic transmissions supported them in embracing their role of being Earth keepers; those who would bring harmony and balance to the earth.  Prophecies of the ancient Medicine men and women of the Americas, spoke about a future time when a new type of Earth keeper known as being homo-luminous, would appear on Earth. These people would develop with the ability to perceive the vibration and light that make up the physical world at a much higher level. Rather than being in one central location on the planet, they would come to live all around the earth.  They would be the modern day stewards, protectors of Mother Earth carrying the same energetic codes that the Peruvian Shamans of old did, in part, through receiving the Rites of the Munay Ki.

These Rites are based on initiatory practices of the shamans from various parts of Peru.  They were brought to modern society through Dr. Alberto Villoldo who was given full permission of these shamans to share these Rites.  Having received them through Dr. Villoldo’s Light Body School of the Four Winds Society and fully integrated the energy I make them available to those who are serious about their life journey.  The Rites of the Munay Ki will initiate one into the lineage of medicine people who walked before them.  The initiate is tasked with nurturing this wisdom within themselves and subsequently caring for the Earth and everything that lives upon it in order to bring balance, harmony, and beauty to it.  

Each Rite transmits specific energy that heals an individual’s karmic stories from the past and programs of belief that they grew up with.  This healing affects one from the level of their DNA all the way through to the luminous energy field, thus empowering them to carry out their stewardship effectively!  The Rites change the way one lives in the world from that of a merely physical existence to that of being in their true luminous essence. 


Rite of the Womb

The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life.

These simple words remind us of a precious truth that has been forgotten and buried throughout time.  Through societal influence, family beliefs and personal ways in which we have disowned this gift, a powerful way to grow and bring about change has been lost.  

Deep within the Amazon jungle of Peru female shamans were given insight into the feminine healing and empowerment that is needed today. It was revealed to them that the time has come to bring this wisdom back into our consciousness for the benefit of all.  It is time for women, men and the earth itself to heal and embrace this powerful, feminine creative energy. 


The Rite of the Womb is considered the 13th Rite of the Munay Ki. One is not required to receive all of the other Munay Ki Rites in order to benefit from receiving this Rite alone.  Anyone who feels the call to heal, grow personally and share its benefits with others is welcome to receive it.

Benefits of Receiving the Rite:

  • Clears heavy energies in the heart and creative center of us.  

  • Allows you come home to yourself and begin to listen to your body, dreams and desires.

  • Releases blockages related to self-love, self-confidence and sexuality.

  • Allows you to begin to nurture a new sense of being, creativity, sensitivity, and power within you.   

  • Creates the ability for profound healing to take place for you and your ancestral lines on all levels. 

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Nusta Karpays

The Nusta Karpays are Rites that transmit the energies of 7 of the many nature Goddesses of the Q’ero people of Peru.  They have been offered to us through Q’ero elder, Don Mariano Quispe Flores, for those who are moved to go deeper into connecting to resources that provide nurturing support for themselves and our Mother Earth (Pachamama) during these epic times.  Each Nusta is connected to her own sacred site in Peru’s mountains, lakes and land. Once these energies are received and integrated, they can be tapped into at any time to bring about needed healing for ourselves and to assist us to bring about the same for our Earth and the collective.


The Q’ero prophesies speak of a great transition that was to begin when what was called the Golden Temple of the Inca was rediscovered.  This was to usher in an epic time in our history that is believed to have already occurred during our modern times. In 1949 an earthquake in Cusco uncovered this ancient Inca temple.  The Q’ero believe that this discovery played a significant role in ushering in a time of great change and that the Earth began experiencing energetic leaks and imbalances that have depleted her.  These very same conditions are affecting mankind and all life on the planet today.  The prophecy speaks of this time as one of bringing in a great rebalancing; as a time when there will be a return of the much needed divine feminine energy to the Earth.  This would bring about part of the healing that Pachamama and all life within her has needed. 


The Nusta Karpays nurture and strengthen our connection with all feminine aspects that exist within us and on our planet. This wise, sweet and powerful energy is awakened within us as we enter into relationship with each Nusta.  It is here that we will begin to recognize, heal and embrace our role here on earth as that of being a positive part of bringing back into her and all life within her the much-needed change that humans long for.

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Q'oto Kuna Karpays

The Q’Oto Kuna Karpays are Rites that connect one to the seven stars of the Pleiades star cluster.  The Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters, carry particular energetic frequencies that when transmitted through these Rites provide many blessings.  Each star individually provides an energetic pathway to divine guidance and wisdom, but they also work in concert with one another to support the recipient in embodying and anchoring divine masculine, source light into the world.  As are the Nusta Karpays, the Q’Oto Kuna transmissions have been handed down to us through Don Mariano Quispe Flores who is an elder of the Q’ero people of Peru.
The Q’ero people were known as the last of the Inca civilization and lived high up in Andes of Peru.  They believed that they came from the Pleiades star cluster, in fact that all mankind came from the stars.  They feel that it has always been of utmost importance to maintain connection to these star beings, who could share much needed wisdom, insight and power during our earth walk.  During these times of great transition, that Inca prophesy foretold, connection to this star wisdom is needed even more.
The Q’Oto Kuna Rites are transmitted into your seven energy centers known here in the west as our chakras.  They are given through seven separate rites: one for each of the seven main Pleiades.  As the initiate works to integrate this star energy, they will develop an intimate understanding of each and how they work within us individually and as a whole star cluster.  This energy assists in clearing out old ancestral patterns.  As the old patterns dissolve space is made within us to hold new, healing energy that allows us to live from our true authentic nature, from our heart and soul essence.  The light energy received through these transmissions not only benefits us but allows us to anchor this divine masculine energy into the Earth and bless all life that comes in contact with us.  We become like a beacon that sheds wisdom and star light with newfound purpose everywhere we go.  If you are serious about seeking to embrace this sweet, powerful yet gentle energy and support your life journey by going deeper into connection to source the Q’oto Kuna Karpays can support you with this!

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