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Shamanic Energy Medicine Session
1 to 1.5 hours per session

This type of work can be used to support any area in life where one feels challenged, heavy, stuck, or unable to bring about change.  It enables you to get to the core of an issue and receive support to create a new story; a new way of being.  You become empowered and begin seeing and dealing with life issues in a new way from a new perspective.  I do not offer any of the following techniques upon request for a Shamanic Energy Medicine Session.  I will utilize one or a number of these tools, as needed and as guided by Spirit, in each Session:

  • Illumination Process – Clearing of specific chakras that are creating imbalance in your life

  • Extractions of Intrusive Energies – Removing of energy that is trapped or stuck within the body or energy field

  • Soul Retrieval – Bringing back of soul parts that have been lost due to trauma in one's life

  • Destiny Retrieval - Tracking into the future in order to access a destiny in which one is in a healed state living a creative, fulfilling life.

  • Shamanic Journey work – Entering other realms to gain insight, assistance or to do healing work related to any issue we are working with.

  • Divination - Stone and Oracle Cards

  • Administering of Death Rites - Provide support before during or after transition

  • Mediumship

  • Various rituals and ceremonies

Animal Communication Session
Duration: 1 hour

Animal communication provides a voice for the animals.  It helps one to gain deeper understanding into what their pet experiences, from their pet's perspective.  More importantly it is a means to provide insight into issues that you may personally need support with in order heal and grow along with your pet.  It can help with health, end of life, behavioral or training issues for your pet or to reveal a part of you that needs healing.  In a session I am able to connect with an animal and have a real time conversation with them.  I will share their thoughts and insights with you and then incorporate shamanic energy healing if and when needed.


Often times an animal will lead their owner to me in order to initiate their own personal healing process. This is because animals reflect their people as if looking into a mirror.  By observing our pets we may begin to see those areas in our lives where we need refining and can then take a course of action that supports this. Surprising to people is that when they begin to personally heal they begin to notice that their pet's issues begin to resolve.

I am able to connect with an animal that has crossed over which can facilitate healing and comfort for an individual during the grieving process.   

I incorporate all of the skills that I have acquired throughout the past 29 plus years in a session. These help to pinpoint where help is needed and to support true healing and transformation for you and your pet.

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Reiki Energy Healing
30 minute and 1-hour sessions available

Reiki is an ancient healing system that has been practiced in Egypt, India, and Tibet and was reintroduced in Japan in the mid-1800s.  Reiki balances life force energy known as "ki" bringing one into harmony and balance.  Each individual’s experience during a session is different depending upon their needs at the time of the appointment. Reiki is a path to deep inner peace and empowerment. It allows relaxation, a sense of peace and harmony which all contribute to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being and health. It is an excellent complement and source of support to any endeavor we may be pursuing.   
It can be used in conjunction with other healing modalities. It takes into account the whole person and helps activate an individual's natural healing process in whatever area they may need it.
Reiki can be used to manage stress and anxiety, reduce pain, help one to sleep better and think more clearly. It supports you on any level where healing and balance may be needed.

Oracle Card Readings
30 minute and 1-hour sessions available

The practice of discerning and discovering the hidden meaning or cause of events through a mystical or divine means is known as divination. Divination has been used and sought after for hundreds of years by people all around the world.  There are countless forms of divination that are practiced, depending upon culture and training.  
Divination is based on understanding that things are not as they appear to be on the surface.  It is practiced by connecting with the invisible world of Spirit through symbols. Shamans know that all things have two aspects; that of essence and that of matter. By tapping into both aspects one begins to see the hidden meanings of everyday life events.  True divination empowers one to see the direction that they are headed and be able to make adjustments if and when they see fit.  The practitioner does not tell an individual an outcome or how to proceed, but provides wisdom, obtained from spirit that will enable one to choose for themselves how to move forward, with vision and power.  As with all of my sessions Spirit tailors it to the individual so that a combination of tools may come into play to assist.

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Free 15 Minute Consultation

I can briefly answer any questions and provide information that can help you to decide if you would like to work with me.

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