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Shamanic Development and Mentoring

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Mentoring and spiritual development are available to those who are serious about learning how to walk a more conscious path in their lifetime.  It can be tailored to the individual or a small group.  Examples of topics that can be explored may include:

Spiritual ethics and self-care

Our spiritual allies and how to enter relationship with them

Journeying – It’s uses and value

Alters and Mesas


Healing and growing with the use of these tools

Throughout your journey I will walk with you, providing support and facilitating healing sessions as needed.

Part of your shamanic spiritual development always involves initiation into who you are becoming.  Initiation provides you the opportunity to connect more closely to spirit and your spiritual allies in the other dimensions.  It moves you through your own personal healing and growth on deep levels thus bringing true purpose into your life.  Some of the Rites of Initiation that I make available are:

Munay Ki Karpays

The Rite of the Womb

Nusta Karpays

Q’Oto Kunas Karpays

Please Note:  This offering is designed for personal development.  It does not serve to make one a shaman or equip them to serve in that capacity.

Shamanic Development: Welcome
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